No Plastic Water Bottle? No Problem.

The future water bottle is here and it is an edible , gelatinous blob.

Skipping Rock Labs of London, England have come up with a way for home cooks to whip up a batch of water encased in an algae based gel. Rehydrate from a plastic bottle, no way, consume a squishy ball. Bite into one  or suck it back whole,

Let’s face it we use a vast amount of plastic, some 80% does not get recycled and ends up in our landfills or worse in our waterways and oceans.  Now through a culinary technique called sphereification, where water is captured in a double gelatinous membrane. The end product is simple, cheap, resistant , hygienic, biodegradable , and edible. The process is licensed as a creative commons so everyone can make them as they wish in their kitchens, modifying , and innovating the recipe.



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