Trouble in Paradise

When we want water, we just turn on the tap…and presto we have potable water. In this article I would like to look the Caribbean as the countries in that area have been implementing various water conservation tactics to deal with a prolonged drought.

From Trinidad and Tobago in the south to Jamaica in the north governments and utility companies have had to put into effect measures like a ban on watering lawns or washing vehicles to deal with the low water levels in reservoirs due to lack of rain.

Water police officers have been deployed in Trinidad to ensure compliance. Meanwhile, in Jamaica water rationing has become an everyday event. Antigua is the latest country to come on-line with water rationing until there is an increase in rainfall. Antigua and Barbuda’s Meteorological Service has stated that the below average rainfall last August is the main reason for the current drought which is described as moderate. Blame goes to El Nino.

Guyana is another country experiencing drought like conditions, and again the blame goes to El Nino. Irrigation water is being significantly threatened in certain areas. The capital , Georgetown,  get some 50% of it’s potable water from surface supplies and this is threatened.  Authorities state that water is going to have to voluntarily be reduced in certain areas, and involuntary in others. The Ministry of Agriculture is concerned about water for the crops and they will be aggressive in ensuring farmers have the water they need to feed the nation.



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