Flooding in Ottawa

Water is never an issue, until it becomes an issue…then it can become a big issue rather quickly.

Provincial officials will be in Ottawa on Tuesday to help those whose homes have been flooded apply for disaster relief funding. Mayor Jim Watson stated on Monday that the city of Ottawa will not be declaring a state of emergency and won’t be calling in the military.

As of Monday morning 310 homes in Ottawa have been directly affected by flooding. 75 families have been evacuated.  Mayor Watson did thank all the first responders and volunteers who have been a great help to those affected.

I live in Cumberland Village and have seen the effects of the flooding first hand. Interestingly, the flooding seems to have brought out flood tourists. Quite a few people just walking around taking photos.

3 information sessions have been scheduled for Tuesday. Go to Ottawa.ca to find the time and location for the one near you. There is a maximum payment of $250,000 per application. Residents are asked not to get rid of ruined furniture or appliances , until photos are taken and documentation developed on the items. Also, keep receipts of expenses incurred due to the flooding.


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