Nat Geo and Water Aid India Team Up.

Lack of access to good drinking water is the reality for millions of people in India, something that National Geographic and Water Aid India are trying to solve with the launch of Mission Blue. With the help from top Bollywood talent the aim is to raise awareness of water scarcity, and how small acts of conservation on a daily basis can be very helpful to secure safe ,clean water for future generations.


Mission Blue will see Nat Geo air documentaries and television specials highlighting the water issues facing India. Several big Bollywood heavy hitters lend themselves to direct short films, available on the Mission Blue website, the show how water scarcity affects the local people’s daily life. Farhan Akhtar, serves as the face of the campaign. National Geographic will also air , Parched, an acclaimed 3 part documentary discussing the environmental and political causes of water problems around the world.

Another innovative way Mission Blue’s website does to engage viewers is to offer them the opportunity to interact with the site to measure their own water usage footprint, and gives different ways to reduce water usage.

In India alone there are 76million people who lack access to clean drinking water. Numbers that will only get worse if no action is taken. Mission blue is hopeful that their initiative will help enlighten people as to the benefits of collective action.

There is also an initiative with Water Aid India for MissionBlueMySchool which provides water to a school in Delhi, which currently relies on tanker trucks to provide the needed water. The initiative with Nat Geo and Water Aid India is to provide piped in water to the 2,500 students ,as well as coolers, filters, and a rainwater harvest system.



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