Water on the Moon

In a new study scientists at Brown University conclude that the moon may have a large amount of water in it. A significant resource as we plot to inhabit the moon and beyond.

Glass beads picked up during the Apollo Missions of the 70’s have been tested and shown to contain water. Until 2008 we thought the moon was waterless, but with the study of satellite data  large deposits of water are thought to be trapped in volcanic deposits across the moon’s surface. These would be lunar deposits untouched by the Apollo Missions. The data suggests the water is found in nearly all areas looked at..the Apollo samples were not a fluke. The interior of the moon may be wet.

At present the origin of the moon is thought to be debris from a large Mars sized object crashing into earth. The heat from such a collision should have vaporized all hydrogen needed to make water. With water being found the origin of the moon will need to be rethought.

A big consideration will be is the water extractable? Will we be able to mine it and use it in quantities that we allow us to supply future moon habitation? Not having to bring water from earth would certainly help in terms of space and weight.



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