Not all Antarctic glaciers are melting.

A new study has found that not all Antarctic glaciers are melting. There has been some attention lately given to the melting and breaking off of large areas of ice on the Antarctic Peninsula. This activity is not seen on the western Ross Sea coast. The pattern of advance and retreat of the ice pack is not evident here.

The western Ross Sea is an area of great importance to the Antarctic, with a large and diverse ecosystem. It is also the home of several research stations , including the U.S. McMurdo station..the largest on the continent.

Historical maps and satellite images going back 50yrs were used to study some 700kms of coastline, including 34 large glaciers. All showed normal activity. The results suggest changes in the drivers of glacier response to climate..air temp, snowfall, and ocean temperature has been minimal over the lat 50 years.

This comes as interesting news given the recent cracking up of the Larsen C Ice Shelf in the Antarctic Peninsula.


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