Development of Water Based Cellphone Battery

Last year the problems of lithium-ion based batteries was highlighted with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 . Batteries were exploding. This has led to more improvements and research into water based electrolyte batteries.

Common lithium-ion batteries can explode when charging . There is a release of electrolytes as energy travels back and forth between electrodes. These organic materials are flammable. The new battery uses a protective layer of salt, preserving the electrodes and holds more energy.

The main thing is that these new batteries are safer. The electrodes are protected from breaking down, and there is a 4 volt output. So the new batteries are safer and there is a good output of electricity..the drawback is life expectancy. Lithium ion based batteries have a life of some 700+ cycles whereas the water based batteries have a life expectancy of some 70 cycles.

I think as this new technology gets refined we will see the life expectancy of water based  batteries to grow. The demand for better batteries has never been stronger and will continue to grow as there are so many uses for batteries today….electric cars, smart devices, and other electronics demand top quality power sources.

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