Green Roof Project

Candiac , Quebec has partnered in a venture with a real estate developer  and a local urban agriculture company for an innovative green roof project that would see vegetable gardens on 74 new townhouses.

The thinking is that rooftop agriculture and energy production is the way of the future, in a sustainable developement approach. In this project the roof top space to be developed is equal to two football fields…space that would normally be undeveloped.

74 homes will be set up to accommodate organic vegetable gardens whose 3 annual crops will be sold locally. Another 74 homes will be set up with 6 solar panels each to produce green energy.

The vegetables will be grown in Smart Pot containers that won’t let earth through , but drain water from the drip water irrigation system which reduces water consumption.

Every week during growing season specialized staff will take care of the gardens. the veggies will then be taken and sold to local restaurants , markets, or direct to citizens. Profits from the normally unused space will go to defer the cost of the administration of the condos. Each unit with five large Smart Pot containers will have a$2000 crop harvest potential per year. The initial investment will be paid for by the third year.



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