Ottawa man scammed into $8k water softener at the door

In a recent article from CBC Ottawa we find a 74 yr old man ,Tom Gowe, got a reminder to be wary of door to door salespeople.  Tom is now on the hook for monthly payments of $65 for the next ten years for signing up for what he thought was a free, government supplied water purifier.

A man from Ontario Safety Standards knocked on his door to warn him there might be a problem with his water. The man was invited to look at the water tank. Tom was showed brown sediment at the bottom of the tank and told him he needed a purifier. Mr. Gowe believed him , not knowing that some brown sediment was normal.

A contract was signed for what he thought was a free government supplied purifier. The salesman called his office to see if Tom “qualified”…he did.

A system was brought in the same day.

Two weeks later the first bill for $65 was received in the mail. Mr Gowe phoned the company, but was hung up on the only time he got through. In addition to the bills he continued to receive he was informed that the installed system was not a purifier but a water softener.

At 465 a month for 10 yrs he could end up paying nearly $8,000. Police warn  think before you sign.

Water, furnace, air conditioning, and driveway sealing scams are some of the most common fraud cases. Once a contract is signed there is little police can do. Waiting to think over a contract can be the best defence against pushy sales people.

We at Rainsoft Eternally Pure Water Systems do not go door to door.



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