The EPA Blocks Obama Era Clean Water Rule.

Trumps administration has formally suspended a major Obama era clean water regulation ahead of plans to issue its own version of the rule later this year.

The bitterly contested rule known as Waters of the United States was once called by Trump as one of the worst examples of federal regulation. The legal process for removing the rule began soon after Trump took office and it is to be replaced by a more industry friendly alternative.

The head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt , has filed the legal docs to suspend the Obama era rule for two yrs. Pruitt is now developing a new water rule which is expected to include much looser regulatory requirements on how farmers, ranchers, and real estate developers must safeguard the streams and tributaries that flow through their properties and into larger bodies of water.

The Obama ers rule limited the use of chemical fertilizers that could run off into small streams. Rural landowners don’t like this and are also a key component of Trump’s political base. It was a rule popular with environmentalists , but viewed as an infringement on the rights of the farmers, ranchers , and real estate developers.

The National resource Defense fund will be challenging this new rule in court to protect the old rule….this one issue will be interesting to watch unfold as America tries to find the balance between the developers and the environmentalists.


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