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First, what is Ocearch?

Ocearch is a known leader in generating critical scientific data related to tracking and biological studies of keystone marine species. These species can range from great white sharks, tiger sharks , and turtles.

You can follow Ocearch tagged sharks by accessing  the almost real-time free online Global Shark Tracker.

Research expeditions are conducted aboard the M/V OCEARCH, which is an on the water laboratory.

I recommend checking out  and  follow your favorite shark.





The Ocean Clean Up

The largest clean up in history is underway.Over 5 trillion pieces of plastic presently litter the ocean. Trash accumulates in 5 ocean garbage patches, the largest being the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. If left unaddressed the plastic will impact our ecosystems, health , and economies.

Let’s take a look at the largest clean up in history.

Let’s look a little deeper into this.


Amazing stuff…I am sure we all wish them all the best, so we all benefit.



Extreme Cave Diving…Danger and Excitement.

Extreme Cave Diving….what it is all about?

A Rescue Diver’s Advice.

One of the British dive team members who helped rescue the boys in Thailand , had some friendly advice to the recovering rescuees. The message conveyed to the boys that everyone was  they were saved,  and be” careful in the future”.

We must always remember this incredible story was not without tragedy , as the life of one of the dive teams members was lost.

Let’s view, “Thai Cave Rescue”




The Alligator Gar vs the Asian Carp

In 2016 the Illinois Senate voted to reintroduce the native Alligator carp species. It is recognized the that the Asian carp as an invasive species is quite prolific and a danger to local fisheries.

The resolution voted on specifically read that” the alligator gar is the only native species capable of eating the adult Asian carp”. The Illinois Dept. of Fisheries was urged to push this program along.

For their part the  Dept of Fisheries stated that the gar stocking program had nothing to do with the Asian carp. The reintroduction of the gar was an opportunity to bring back a native species, an apex predator, and a great sport fish being the focus.

Earlier introduction of gar allowed the dept of fisheries to what would happen. finding were that for every 6,000 fry introduced only about 1,500 will survive. Not much compared with Asian carp that are measured in tons per mile.  the alligator carp will never be able to be found in numbers to stop the carp.  Importantly,  the mouth size on the largest of gar will not allow the fish to take very large prey. Young Asian carp will be threatened by the gar , but after that they get to large..over 12.5 inches, they pass out of the prefered size of bait gar like.

The Alligator gar as the magic bullet to defend against Asian carp is not the answer.