Global sea level rising

Global sea level could rise by 8 feet by 2100 and 50 feet by 2300 if green house gases remain high and we get a bit unlucky.

Since the start of the century, global average sea level has risen by about 0.2feet. With moderate continued emissions we will see the seas continue to rise…with 11% of the world’s population living in areas less than 33ft above sea level.

The rising waters would pose a threat to coastal populations, economies, infrastructure, and ecosystems.

From 2000 to 2050, global average sea level rise will most like rise 6 to 10 inches, but not more than 18 inches. Beyond 2050 the projections can vary due to the changes in green house gas emissions and the approaches to sea level rise.

Human caused global warming is a fact. How we react to this change will be extremely important.

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