Increasing runoff and flash floods.

It has now been demonstrated through research that runoff extremes have been dramatically increasing in response to climate and human inspired changes.


With the recent Hurricanes and Typhoons we have seen the impact of weather extremes. Flash floods causing deaths, property, and agricultural losses. For the past 50 yrs the damage has been mounting at an ever increasing pace. We are now at the point of $30 billion is lost annually.  Around the world almost 1 billion people live on flood plains, facing greater exposure to river flooding.

Changes in runoff extremes in most regions of the world are in line with or higher than those of precipitation extremes. Different responses were noted of precipitation and storm runoff to temperature warming ..but also factors like land use and land coverings, water and land management, even vegetation changes can lead to increased storm run off.

The idea is to help improve flood forecasting and early earning alerts. Give scientific guidance for infrastructure and ecosystem resilience planning…even help formulate strategies for addressing climate change.

Precipitation and run off extremes are seen as increasing all over the globe. We need to prepare our infrastructure accordingly.


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