Pharmaceuticals in the Great Lakes.

A new study has examined what is known about pharmaceuticals in the Great Lakes, their pathways, impacts on the aquatic systems and human health.

We get many benefits from pharmaceuticals, diseases are treated, quality of life improved in both humans and animals. Widespread use of the drugs has led to these substances being discharged into the environment, including our waterways. concerns are being raised with respect to their impact on the ecosystems and human health, as well as simple pollution.

Pharmaceuticals are finding their way into the Great Lakes, but our understanding of the sources , pathways, and impacts is limited. There is no coordinated approach to address the issue in Canada.

The new report by Pollution Probe and the Clean Water Foundation provides an overview of actions taken within Canada on this subject and compares this to what is going on in the USA and the EU.

The study identifies key knowledge gaps  and proposes a way forward by identifying  actions to better understand and manage pharmaceutical pollution  and protect the health of the Great Lakes.

Looks like we have much to do in this area.


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