We are losing the great free flowing rivers

Only a third of the world’s great rivers  remain free flowing. The impact of dams radically reduces the benefits of healthy riv3rs. We all suffer.

Billions of people around the world rely on the rivers for water , food, and irrigation. Most large rivers today are fragmented and degraded. Untouched rivers are in remote areas like the Arctic and Amazonia. A quarter of long rivers thst once flowed freely to the sea still had such a course.

In Britain 97% of the nation’s river network has been interrupted by human built structures.

Thriving wildlife in rivers is crucial in keeping water clean, but freshwater habitats were found to be the hardest hit of all the ecosystems. Wildlife populations have tailed off by an average of 83% since 1970.Some 12m tonnes of fish are caught from rivers feeding millions.


Population growth makes it difficult to balance the demand for water, food, and energy, with keeping a healthy river.

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