Sea levels could rise 10 inches from melting small glaciers.

A new riview of glacier research data paints a picture of a future planet with much less ice and a lot more water. Glaciers around the world are projected to lose anywhere from 18% to 36% of their mass by 2100, resulting in almost 10 inches of sea level rise.


This review is the best global comparison of glacier simulations ever put together. The lead author Regine Hock, from the University of Alaska, there is a clear messge that the glaciers are melting all over the world.

Over 200 computer similations say the same thing, substantial mass loss.

The overall study used more than 25 climate models with differing green house gas concentrations and atmospheric conditions. At present , the planet is moving toward the higher estimates of green house gas concentrations.

The study did not include the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica who behave different than mountain and land based glaciers.

Results indicate that smaller glaciers could play a biiger role in sea level rise than previuoslt thought. Globally, an almost 10 inches rise in sealevel by 2100 will be from smaller glaciers. An enormous impact.

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