Mass droughts in Pakistan by 2025 possible.

Pakistan could face an absolute water scarcity level by 2025. The Pakistan Council of research in Water Resources has made this grim forecast, It was reported that Pakistan crossed the water stress line in 1990, crossed the water scarcity line in 2005…next up absolute scarcity in 2025.

An unnamed government official is calling for action to find a solution, but notes there is a lack of government funding.

Pakistan has the fourth highest rate of water use in the world, but is dependent on a single source..the Indus river basin in India. Rainfall has been steadily declining in the area, some blaming climate change.

In Pakistan’s largest city Karachi over the million residents few have running water as the land has gradually dried up, forcing many residents to queue for hours for supplies given to them.

The former head of the Water and Power Development Authority says water policy is simply non existent. Policy makers act like absentee landlords over water. Water has become the property of the landlord , while the poor are deprived of their share.


Experts say that population growth and urbanization are the main reasons behind the crisis, compounded by climate change and poor water management.

Pakistan has not built new dams since the 1960’s leading to a lack of water storage facilities in the country. A maximum of 30 days supply is kept on hand.


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