Climate change and the effect on the world’s waves

New research shows that a warming planet will alter ocean waves across 50% of the world’s coastlines. The implication for erosion and coastal flooding srte not good.

As part of the Coordinated Ocean Wave Climate Project, ten research organizations, combined to look at a range of different global wave models in a variety of future global climate models.

Differences were noted , but if the 2degree Paris agreement is kept, changes in wave patterns will stay within a reasonable normal range. The trend is not this..most likely wave patterns will affect 50% of the world’s coastlines in a more adverse manner.


The height of waves will grow in some areas and lessen in others. Some areas will see the height remain the same, but their wavelength and frequency will change. More force will be exerted on the coast, and any infrastructure. Wave direction can change how much sand is moved along the coast.

In short our coastlines will be under assault…erosion, flooding, and damage to infrastructure will become more frequent.

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