7 American cities that could disappear by 2100

No city in the world will be immune to the effects of a warming world, some are more vulnerable than others though.

Let’s consider rising sea levels threaten to submerge entire cities by 2100 due their location in low lying coastal areas. If the worst projections are true American cities like Miami and New Orleans will be underwater.

Conservative estimates show cities around the world could witness 6 ft of flooding by 2100.The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has predicted a sea level rise of 10-12 ft if global emissions continue apace.

It is possible that some cities will install new infrastructure and artificial barriers for protection, but time is running out.

Here are the 7 cities in the USA most likely to disappear underwater by 2100…

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana is already sinking.
  2. Miami, Florida. Sea levels there are rising faster than those in other areas of the world.
  3. Houston, Texas could be innundated by another storm like Hurricane Harvey
  4. Atlantic city, New Jersey was mostly underwater during Hurricane Sandy, but the next disaster could be worse.
  5. Charleston, South Carolina could be underwater by 2100
  6. Boston, Mass. 1 in 6 homes could face regular flooding by the turn of the century.
  7. Virginia Beach, Virginia is witnessing one of the fastest rates of sea level rise on the East coast.

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