Solar powered “Interceptor” unvieled

The Dutch inventor of Ocean Cleanup is now looking to try to atop plastic pollution at the source. Boyan Slat the 25 yr old inventor, unveiled the”Interceptor”, a floating solar powered device designed to scoop out plastic from rivers. The idea is to prevent the plastic from getting into the ocean in the first place.


About 8 million metric tons of plastic enters the world’s oceans annually, where it threatens marine life. Ocean Cleanups original idea of scooping plastic out of the ocean was fine, but it was pointed out that marine life was put in peril by this technique. Work began on the idea of stopping the plastic in the rivers , at the source as it were.

1,000 rivers dump around 80% of the plastic into our oceans. Targeting these rivers with 1,000 Interceptors would go a long way to helping. So far rivers in Indonesia, Malaysia , and Vietnam have units working on them. A fourth in the Dominican Republic will soon be installed.


On average a unit can collect 50,000 kilos of plastic daily, or 20,000 tons a year. The Interceptor is intended to be mass produced and used in rivers around the world.

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