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The western gray whale is on the edge of extinction. There are probably fewer than 130 remaining with less than 26 breeding females. Every year, they come to feed off the coast of Sakhalin Island, Russia, but now a new oil platform threatens the survival of this critically endangered whale.

On the Eastern coast of Russia, the Sea of Ocutzk is a unique and critical environment home to as few as 130 western gray whales with only 26 breeding females remaining.


Their crucial habitat is under immense threat!. These whales teeter on the verge of extinction.  Expanding oil and gas operations in the Sea of Ocutzk threaten the safety and inevitable extinction of these great whales.

With as few as 130 whales, the western gray whale teeters on the edge of extinction. Their critical feeding ground off the Coast of Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East is now under threat.

 WWF floated an 11 metre western gray whale down the River Thames this week, to highlight the plight faced by one of the world’s most endangered whales.

“Whale Movie” – the last 130 —- WWF Saving the Western Grey Whale.
Here is a rather cobbled together movie of the making , delivery to the docks and sailing up the Thames. Whale created by Ray Brooks with Ned Pamphilon and Kieren Wimbush , through for WWF . January 2012.


 WWF is stepping in to try and help. You can help them too.

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