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The end of cottage season is coming up. Maybe the kids had a great time fishing for perch off the dock…well check these perch out

..and if that is not big enough for you how about some Nile perch..

Wow , those Nile perch would bend some kids rod!


EPA rolls back clean water regulations

An Obama era policy that expanded federal oversight and the threat of steep fines for polluting the country’s smaller waterways has been rescinded by the Trump administration.


The Obama admin in 2015 expanded federal oversight upstream to better protect the wildlife and drinking water from industrial runoff and pollution. The present EPA were calling this overeach. Opposition to the tightening of the regulations was opposed by farmers, property developers, chemical manufacturers, and oil and gas producers. Intrusion on property owners rights is cited as a concern.

Court battles following the Obama era ruling have led to fractured rules across the country. Due to legal challenges the new regulations are in place in only 22 states…the new decision by the Trump admin will surely spark more legal wrangling.


The Trump rules restores regulatory text that existed before the 2015 rule. Property that is no longer covered by the 1972 Clean Water Act remains protected by state rules. Major waterways, like most rivers and lakes, are already under protection of the Clean Water Act and still will be after the rollback.

Downtown Edmonton water main break.

An overnight water main break sent a geyser more than two stories into the air. Once the water was turned off business owners took a tour of the damage.

This story happened last night…no footage is available on YouTube as yet…so check out this video out from 1 yr ago in Edmonton.

What happened was a main water line exploded. Water shot in the air , high enough to land on local roof tops. Water was gushing everywhere, poring through ceilings, pooling on floors, and damaging equipment.

The businesses will have to take the time to recover…hopefully all are well insured.

Hurricane Dorian heads to the Atlantic Provinces

As Dorian heads up the east coast, taking aim at the Maritime provinces measures are being taken to reduce the impact.  The hurricane is supposed to hit Nova Scotia Saturday afternoon, taking about 12 hours to traverse the province.


A support team of up to a thousand people is being  assembled by Nova Scotia Power. Skills required are power line techs, forestry crews, and damage assessors. The crews are being assembles from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario.

Nova Scotians should expect to lose power as forecasts call for wind gust up to 100 k per hour.

Fredericton, Saint John, and Moncton in New Brunswick may not get the big winds, but can expect rain from 50mm-100mm. PEI can expect gusting wind as high as 120kph…and 100mm of rain.

Travel advisories will be in effect this weekend, so if you are flying check with your people.

7 American cities that could disappear by 2100

No city in the world will be immune to the effects of a warming world, some are more vulnerable than others though.

Let’s consider rising sea levels threaten to submerge entire cities by 2100 due their location in low lying coastal areas. If the worst projections are true American cities like Miami and New Orleans will be underwater.

Conservative estimates show cities around the world could witness 6 ft of flooding by 2100.The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has predicted a sea level rise of 10-12 ft if global emissions continue apace.

It is possible that some cities will install new infrastructure and artificial barriers for protection, but time is running out.

Here are the 7 cities in the USA most likely to disappear underwater by 2100…

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana is already sinking.
  2. Miami, Florida. Sea levels there are rising faster than those in other areas of the world.
  3. Houston, Texas could be innundated by another storm like Hurricane Harvey
  4. Atlantic city, New Jersey was mostly underwater during Hurricane Sandy, but the next disaster could be worse.
  5. Charleston, South Carolina could be underwater by 2100
  6. Boston, Mass. 1 in 6 homes could face regular flooding by the turn of the century.
  7. Virginia Beach, Virginia is witnessing one of the fastest rates of sea level rise on the East coast.

The Titanic…today.

For the first time in 14 yrs researchers have taken a look at the Titanic.

Check out the video and see what is new about the wreck.

Climate change and the effect on the world’s waves

New research shows that a warming planet will alter ocean waves across 50% of the world’s coastlines. The implication for erosion and coastal flooding srte not good.

As part of the Coordinated Ocean Wave Climate Project, ten research organizations, combined to look at a range of different global wave models in a variety of future global climate models.

Differences were noted , but if the 2degree Paris agreement is kept, changes in wave patterns will stay within a reasonable normal range. The trend is not this..most likely wave patterns will affect 50% of the world’s coastlines in a more adverse manner.


The height of waves will grow in some areas and lessen in others. Some areas will see the height remain the same, but their wavelength and frequency will change. More force will be exerted on the coast, and any infrastructure. Wave direction can change how much sand is moved along the coast.

In short our coastlines will be under assault…erosion, flooding, and damage to infrastructure will become more frequent.