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A  Mother’s Day Tribute from your friends at Rainsoft Ottawa!

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Heart of a Mother – The Beauty of a Mother’s Love”

An excerpt from Heart of a Mother by Paula J. Fox.  Mothers are also a lot LIKE flowers in many ways… As the heart of a Mother grows and blossoms in beauty and grace, she spreads her fragrance of LOVE not only in her home, but throughout her world…

Baby’s Breath
Our first flower reminds us of the very beginning of a woman’s life as a Mother…the moment when she takes her first child into her arms and smells the fragrance of that sweet Baby’s Breath. Her heart will never be the same again.

The Lilac represents the fragrance of a Mother’s sacrifice…the lovely scent of forgiveness that results when a flower is crushed and gives back to the very one that crushed it. It reminds us of the beauty that surrounds a Mother who is always willing to forgive her children’s faults and offer them compassion, mercy and unconditional love.

The Hydrangea has a wonderful quality of being able to change color from shades of pink to blue. Initially it was thought that this flower was like a chameleon, changing color to match its surroundings, but experiments proved that the color is actually determined by the roots of the plant and the kind of soil it is planted in. This illustrates the Mother who gives her children a rich foundation of love and deep roots of character and strength.

Mac Anderson, Founder of Simple Truths, speaking with Paula Fox – “She said the speech is called The Heart of a Mother…The Beauty of a Mother’s Love. “However, what makes it unique is that I compare a mother’s love to 30 different flowers… each symbolic of the love a mother has for her child.”

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