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For the last few days, Earth has been bombarded with radiation as the strongest solar storm since 2005 raged. This geomagnetic storm has resulted in a wealth in stunning videos of the northern lights. The lights were most vibrant in northern Europe, but did reach into Canada and Alaska.

Some of the videos on this site you can enjoy!:
– extremely vibrant footage from Sweden by photographer Chad Blakley:
– footage compiled by the Associated Press:
– short but sweet clip taken from Old Knik River Bridge in Alaska:
– footage from Trondheim, Norway:
– the show from Finland:
And photographs sent to us from Jason, a Blaze reader, from Fairbanks, Alaska:


Sweden is the land of the first time experiences, from watching the Northern Lights, snowmobiling, husky sledging, cross-country skiing, ice driving and ice sculpting to sleeping in the most incredible hotel ever built – the world’s first and largest ice hotel.
The temperature is -32 outside, and inside Sweden’s Ice Hotel, protected by a snow covering, the temperature is -5.

The Ice Hotel which is situated on the shores of the Torne River, 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, in Swedish Lapland, in the old village of Jukkasiarvi comes to life after one month’s (November) construction. 5,000 tons of ice (from the nearby Torne river) and 30,000 cubic metres of snow were used to create this magnificent glacial palace of the Ice Hotel.
The hotel, which opened 10 years ago, covers more than 5,500 square meters. The Hotel includes the reception area; an Ice Chapel where wedding and christening ceremonies and church services are held; an ice art exhibition hall; a cinema and the “Absolute Ice Bar’ (complete with ice tables, chairs and glasses) where the menu highlights the many flavors of Swedish Lapland; and the hotel itself, housing 40 bedrooms and 10 suites – each decorated with unique ice sculptures. The beds are made entirely of ice and covered with reindeer skins and guests are also given a sleeping bag to keep cozy.
4,000 visitors are welcomed each year and can also enjoy sleigh rides and entertainment in the 500 seat outdoor arena.



Hôtel de Glace Ice Hotel – Québec 2011
Watch the mesmerizing video:


This year’s 32 rooms Hotel de Glace was built closer to the city centre than ever before, on the site of the old Quebec zoo and it’s bigger and warmer than ever before. It has improved feature, a larger living space, heated pavilions and a theme I simply love: Biodiversity. Of course it has a restaurant where guests can enjoy a hot soup and a hot chocolate, an ice bar where cocktails are served in ice glasses, and as any self-respecting weird hotel, a wedding chapel for those who prefer love below 0ºC.

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