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Friday’s Inspiration ~ Nature


Nature’s Inspiration by Ken Jenkins and Peggy Anderson- simpletruthstv, uploaded on Jun 3, 2009.  If you love nature …you’ll treasure this book forever.

  • Featuring photographs by Ken Jenkins, award-winning nature photographer, this beautiful book takes us on a journey into the wilderness, giving you a feeling of peace and tranquility when you need it most.


The only way to describe this book is breathtaking! A labor of love 2 years in the making, you will marvel at the award-winning photography, paired with quotes and short passages in this beautiful coffee table book. Without question, Nature’s Inspiration is the most beautiful gift book we’ve ever published. It’s a coffee table edition with over 160 pages and over 180 nature photographs.

This book is much more than beautiful photographs! Ken has also written short passages that take you with him at the “moment” of the photo. You feel as if you were there! In addition, Peggy Anderson has compiled beautiful quotations from the likes of Emerson, Thoreau, and many others that truly capture the beauty of nature and solitude.

Nature’s Inspiration also makes a wonderful gift for your friends, your family and your best customers. This book, includes a DVD movie.

http://blog.simpletruths.com, and click on the link to receive a FREE newsletter! http://www.naturesinspirationmovie.co…


INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES1“Dreams Are Whispers From The Soul” video was uploaded by simpletruthstv on May 26, 2009.

Two of my favorite quotes from this lovely video are ~

RUST COLOURED PEAKS2Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations.  I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them and follow where they lead.” – Louisa May Alcott

ROOSEVELT2The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
POEM GREEN FORESTWe have a dream inside ourselves,
A gift to us at birth,
To guide us and protect us,
On our journey on this earth.
We all have something special,
Each one of us unique,
You have to find the courage,
To find the peace you seek.
So dream your dream and live your dream,

Don’t be afraid to try,
Just take your soul by the hand,
And let your spirit fly. – Maureen Weiner, Australian poet
SUNSHINEI hope that the video has inspired you and will lift your spirits and warm your heart.


Whether or not you are a photographer, I think you will be impressed with the mission of the Coral Reef Alliance non-profit organization and you will also appreciate seeing the stunning photography submitted by former contest winners.

If you think your photography can equal or surpass some of the amazing entries seen below then definitely you should be interested in submitting your ‘winning’ photo to the ongoing Coral Reef Alliance Photo Contest.

Originally founded in 1994 to galvanize the dive community for conservation, CORAL has grown from a small, grassroots alliance into the only international nonprofit organization that works exclusively to unite communities to protect our planet’s coral reefs. We provide tools, education, and inspiration to residents of coral reef destinations to support local projects that benefit both reefs and people. We currently work in Hawaii, Mexico, Honduras, Fiji, and Indonesia.

Enter your favorite coral reef photographs in CORAL’s ongoing E-Current Contest for a chance to win a copy of Reef ~ a gorgeous coffee table book featuring beautiful coral reef photographs.


Each winning photograph will be featured in an edition of E-Current, CORAL’s free electronic newsletter. The names of winning photographers will also be posted on the CORAL website with their photographs, which will be available for download as desktop wallpaper. All entrants will receive a subscription to E-Current.

Some of my favorites are:

 Winner of the May 2011 E-Current Photo Contest: Mandarinfish (Synchiropus splendidus) in Laha, Ambon, Indonesia by Christopher J. Crowley

 Winner of the January 2009 E-Current Photo Contest: Southern stingray (Dasyatis americana), Grand Cayman Island, by Jeremy Ellis 

Winner of the May 2010 E-Current Photo Contest: Spine-Cheek Anemone fish (Premnas biaculeatus), Wakatobi, Indonesia, by Matt Grace

Links ~

Site for previous winning photographs ~ http://www.coral.org/wallpaper

Photo Contest .pdf document ~


Enter contest ~


We hope you enjoyed your visit with us today and if you are a photographer ~ we wish you the best of luck! 
Keep your comments coming ~ we love hearing from and learning about our readers.



To all you shutter bugs (camera buffs) out there, here is another opportunity for you to get out in nature to zoom in on the magnificent essence of nature’s animal kingdom.

Canadian Geographic is hosting the “Canadian Wildlife Photography of the Year Competition”
~ deadline ~ 12:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, September 4, 2012
~ link to enter contest ~ http://photoclub.canadiangeographic.ca/cg/Contests/wpy/Prizes.aspx
~ Categories ~ From the ground up, Things with wings, On the prowl, What’s in the water and Junior Photographers (kids 15 and under)
~ Prizes ~ too many to list here ~ click on the contest link above for a complete list ~ 500 cash prize, a Lowepro Slingshot 102 AW, a family membership to the Canadian Museum of Nature (value $99), a selection of Canadian Museum of Nature products ~ books, pens, cups and t-shirts, in an environmentally friendly bag ($50). Winning photos will also be published in the December 2012 issue of Canadian Geographic and receive a one-year subscription to Canadian Geographic ($30) and more…

Watching this YouTube video, “National Geographic’s Best Nature Photos Of The Year”,  by  on Jun 2, 2009, should be all the inspiration you need to pack up your equipment and outdoor gear and head out into nature in search of your award winning ‘shoot and capture’ moment.

~ More inspiration for our aspiring “Award Winning” Photographers ~

Uploaded by on Jan 10, 2011 ~ Some photos from fellow Canadians & animal lovers from a photo competition that I am in; all amateur. The first pic is my entry, the last 4 belong to me also, used as filler. All credit goes to the respective photographers who have captured superb moments in time with some of Canada’s most beautiful & interesting critters. So many more wonderful pictures to be seen on the competition site.”


Link ~ Canadian Wildlife Photography of the Year Competition ~ Slide Show ~


Friday seems to be the day when we like to find a topic that is humourous, inspiring, relaxing or just has that ‘aw-w-w’ factor and then, of course, share with our viewers.

Enjoy the wonderful, picturesque, mesmerizing and relaxing video by an extremely gifted photographer, Paul Frederick, of the clear waters in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York – this does have the ‘aw-w-w’ factor as well!

Where the Clear Waters Flow from Paul Frederick on Vimeo was uploaded 3 years ago .

Paul’s comments:

“I love shooting water! This is a collection of images from the past several years of the small streams and waterfalls in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. Most of this was shot with my EX1 and Letus 35mm adapter. Some of it is on the indiSlider, some on a Cobra Crane backpacker (lightweight crane I lug into the woods!) and near the end is stuff from my canoe shot with an FX1. Lightly graded in Magic Bullet Looks, edited in FCP.”   “Most of this was shot near Keene Valley, Split Rock falls, Deer Brook, Roaring Brook Falls….”

A comment from a viewer and repsonse from Paul:

“really excellent combination of sound and visuals, e.g. the crane shot at 00:53 is stunning and perfectly timed to the music. I wonder if the owl at 02:10 is still perched there motionless – you obviously were not tempted to disturb him 🙂 4M2.

“Thanks …, that owl was a baby that was only a few days old!  The mama was nearby keeping an eye on things!”

” Indeed, it’s (the music) called Liam O’Raghalliagh and had a version with vocals. Even though it’s celtic, I felt it fit the images.” 

Your friends from Rainsoft, Eternally Pure Water hope you enjoyed this fabulous video and are now in great shape for your weekend.

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Do you ever stop to think of the profound  impact the sights and sounds of nature and music have on our lives?  With this question in mind I cyber searched for marvellous examples to share with you.

Stunning photography in videos of rivers, oceans, waterfalls, shorelines…

This music is haunting, contagious, relaxing, beautiful, mystical, captivating, magical and the list of adjectives goes on…

 Moment of Peace / Sarah BrightmanYouTube


 Watermark Sarah Brightman sings Dia Del Agua/water day


  Only An Ocean Away – Sarah Brightman


EnyaOn your Shore– YouTube


Sarah Brightman & GregorianVoyage Voyage – YouTube


  I hope you enjoy this music/photography as much as I do.



University of Miami 2012 Underwater Photo Contest announced  new category,”Fan favorite” – allows online users to vote (link provided at end of blog)

Each spring, the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science hosts an underwater photography contest open to amateur photographers.


 Since its inception in 2005, the contest has drawn several thousand entrants from across the globe. This year the contest will include a “Fan Favorite” category in which users can vote online.


Photographs are divided in three separate categories: Fish or Marine Animal Portrait, Macro, Wide Angle, and the School will also recognize the best UM Student Submission and the Best Overall submission.

The top prize is a trip on Blackbeard’s Cruises, departing from Freeport, Bahamas. (Trip prizes do not include gratuities, port taxes, Bahamas Underwater National Park Fees, gear rental, etc., and are subject to availability.)

There will also be monetary awards for those finishing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each of the categories.

The underwater photography contest is open to all amateur photographers who earn no more than 20 percent of their income from photography.

The winners will be announced this year at the Rosenstiel School’s popular Sea Secrets Lecture on April 18. During this free lecture, Stan Waterman, one of the true pioneers in the shark diving community, will share some mind-blowing tales as well as clips from his extraordinary marine life videos that have garnered five Emmy¨ Awards.

You can vote once per day. Voting ends at 11:59pm on Sunday April 8th, 2012. Comment below on why your favorite photo should win! Read more about our Annual Underwater Photography Contest here.


 –  online voting


 – Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science –



– Very interesting water facts –

National Geographic Kids blog: