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Friday seems to be the day when we like to find a topic that is humourous, inspiring, relaxing or just has that ‘aw-w-w’ factor and then, of course, share with our viewers.

Enjoy the wonderful, picturesque, mesmerizing and relaxing video by an extremely gifted photographer, Paul Frederick, of the clear waters in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York – this does have the ‘aw-w-w’ factor as well!

Where the Clear Waters Flow from Paul Frederick on Vimeo was uploaded 3 years ago .

Paul’s comments:

“I love shooting water! This is a collection of images from the past several years of the small streams and waterfalls in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. Most of this was shot with my EX1 and Letus 35mm adapter. Some of it is on the indiSlider, some on a Cobra Crane backpacker (lightweight crane I lug into the woods!) and near the end is stuff from my canoe shot with an FX1. Lightly graded in Magic Bullet Looks, edited in FCP.”   “Most of this was shot near Keene Valley, Split Rock falls, Deer Brook, Roaring Brook Falls….”

A comment from a viewer and repsonse from Paul:

“really excellent combination of sound and visuals, e.g. the crane shot at 00:53 is stunning and perfectly timed to the music. I wonder if the owl at 02:10 is still perched there motionless – you obviously were not tempted to disturb him 🙂 4M2.

“Thanks …, that owl was a baby that was only a few days old!  The mama was nearby keeping an eye on things!”

” Indeed, it’s (the music) called Liam O’Raghalliagh and had a version with vocals. Even though it’s celtic, I felt it fit the images.” 

Your friends from Rainsoft, Eternally Pure Water hope you enjoyed this fabulous video and are now in great shape for your weekend.

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Do you ever stop to think of the profound  impact the sights and sounds of nature and music have on our lives?  With this question in mind I cyber searched for marvellous examples to share with you.

Stunning photography in videos of rivers, oceans, waterfalls, shorelines…

This music is haunting, contagious, relaxing, beautiful, mystical, captivating, magical and the list of adjectives goes on…

 Moment of Peace / Sarah BrightmanYouTube


 Watermark Sarah Brightman sings Dia Del Agua/water day


  Only An Ocean Away – Sarah Brightman


EnyaOn your Shore– YouTube


Sarah Brightman & GregorianVoyage Voyage – YouTube


  I hope you enjoy this music/photography as much as I do.