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Fun Friday ~ Is it spring yet where you live???

These cartoons say it all! 

Enjoy and share.

145963 600 First Day of Spring cartoons

145996 600 Spring cartoons

145997 600 Spring fashions cartoons

145658 600 First Robin cartoons

145574 600 THE ARRIVAL OF SPRING cartoons

145728 600 Spring Snowflakes cartoons

129345 600 Stuck in Winter cartoons


129324 600 Spring Snow cartoons

129247 600 Winter March Madness cartoons

128955 600 Spring cartoons

129003 600 Spring cartoons

128907 600 First day of spring cartoons




Rainsoft Ottawa sends         

“Happy Springtime” 

to all our friends we’ve

met through our blog.

May your spring season be

happy, healthy & prosperous.


  I hope you enjoy the Ottawa springtime collage I created for you.


How does the kiddie’s springtime rhyme go?…

Spring has sprung, the grass is ris’, I wonder where ‘dem birdies is!  The birds is on the wing!
Don’t be absurd!
Da wings is on the bird!!!


The collage below contains photos taken in Ottawa’s Byward Market area.

Hope to have you visit with us again tomorrow!!!