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OMG! My heart just jumped up to my throat!


Hold on to your your favorite squeeze and/or whatever furniture you can grab and you might also want to take your heart medicine if necessary – you’re not going to believe this!
O.k. so my collage above is not what you’d expect for this post’s topic, but I didn’t want to give away the secret too soon!)

“You won’t get much closer to Skylining than this!…
We left winter behind and headed to the sun to try and turn our latest dream into reality…

All of the Skyliners team was excited to put their skills to the test on such an amazing line…
Thanks to the talent of the pilots, we came really close…
We’ll be going back again very soon to make it happen – watch this space!”

Youtube video, “The Balloon Highline” published on Feb 6, 2014 

Published on Feb 7, 2014 Globus Kon Tiki s’ajunta amb Skyliners per assolir un nou repte: passar per una cinta (Slack Line), d’un globus a un altre des de una alçada de 600 metres. L’event va tenir lloc a la comarca de la Noguera a Catalunya el 31 de gener de 2014. Translation: Globus Kon Tiki meets Skyliners to achieve a new challenge: to spend a tape (Slack Line), a balloon one other from from a height of 600 meters. The event took place in the region of Catalonia in Walnut January 31, 2014

O.K. Now breathe………….
Ah-h-h – this is more my style – magnificent and breathtaking panoramic videography,  colourful balloons, and gentle calming music – Enjoy! ~ 
Youtube video, “Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey”, published on 5 Nov 2013 by GaborVids ~

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The following video from Taipei, Taiwan, ‘2014 Taipei Midnight Fireworks’ is a memorable event with a fireworks display, music and dancing featuring many of Taipei’s youth singing. The smiling faces of these children and their delightful joy is contagious.  I find the fireworks shooting from and spiraling out and up from skyscrapers really impressive! (Must find out how they accomplish that.)

New Years Midnight Fireworks Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Full Show HD ~ stunning effects – again using the skyscrapers ~ accompanied by a symphony orchestra.

The following video is a must to help ring in the New Year with Abba’s classic “Happy New Year”!

Happy New Year!
Best wishes for health, happiness and prosperity in


from Martin, Dave, Louise

Rainsoft Ottawa ~
Eternally Pure Water Systems, Inc.



 “It’s a car!  It’s a boat!  It’s fast, and babes seem to love it!”

Now here’s the ultimate wish list item for any sports car/water enthusiast who is into amphibious vehicles!

WaterCar‘s Panther is the world’s fastest amphibious off road vehicle.

The machine looks like a Jeep but has the soul of a high performance speed boat, which translates to roughly 80 mph on land and 44 mph on the water, powered by a Honda V6 engine.  

Check out the YouTube video, “Fast Amphibious Car – WaterCar Panther”, published on Jun 20, 2013

Weighing in at less than 3000 pounds, this newest amphibious vehicle is not only the fastest, but also the lightest. Unlike previous attempts at a boat/car hybrid (including the Gibbs Aquada which Richard Branson drove to set the record for fastest “car on water” crossing of the English Channel), WaterCar claims their PantherJet propulsion system combined with the 15 second shift from car to boat mode makes the transition almost seamless.

The Panther will only cost you $135,000.

Only $135K stands between you and (if the video above is to be believed) scores of women just clamoring to board your WaterCar and go fishing.



ALEX PHOTOAlexandra Cousteau, granddaughter of the famed oceanographer and environmentalist Jacques Cousteau, was in the Ottawa for a 13-day filmmaking trip to the Ottawa River watershed as part of a project to make three short documentaries on the Ottawa River, in co-operation with the Ottawa Riverkeeper group. Cousteau and    Riverkeeper Meredith Brown took to the water to sample the river near the Hull Marina, testing for oxygen, phosphorus and nitrogen in the water.  The documentary is about the Ottawa River and its tributaries, focusing on issues of waterway management and conservation. 

RIVERKEEPER LOGOIn my previous blog the video, ‘Ottawa River Keeper’ provides historical background and impressive scenery for  today’s video, “Alexandra Cousteau on the Ottawa River”, published on Youtube September 14, 2013.

BLUE LEGACY LOGOAlexandra Cousteau heads the Washington-based Blue Legacy foundation, which is “dedicated to advocating the importance of conservation and sustainable management of water in order to preserve a healthy planet.”

The three documentaries will be released in the spring of 2014.

 Link ~ … “The goal of our water quality monitoring program is to provide communities with timely, easy-to-understand information on water quality along their reach of the river; MEREDITH BROWNinformation that is surprisingly difficult, if not impossible, to get elsewhere,” says Riverkeeper Meredith Brown. “Not only does this engage communities in protecting the river, they have a right to know what’s in their water.”…




ARCTICAna Paula and 29 of her Greenpeace crewmates are trapped in a Russian jail for trying to save the Arctic from oil drilling. But our community could set them free if we help Greenpeace build a massive global outcry targeting Russia’s biggest global partners.

AVAAZLet’s reach 1 million to free the Arctic 30 — sign now by clicking below to add your name to this global petition:


The following Youtube videos provide additional background information on Greenpeace members charged with piracy and jailed in Russia.

Published on Oct 5, 2013 by Real World News, “Russia charges Greenpeace crew with piracy” – Russian investigators have charged the entire 30-member crew of a Greenpeace ship with piracy for a protest at an oil platform in the Arctic. The charge, which carries a 15-year prison term, was filed on Thursday against 16 members of the crew, including a prominent Russian freelance photographer.

Published on Oct 5, 2013 by News World, “Greenpeace protests worldwide for release of activists held in Russia”, – From Hong Kong’s harbour to London and Toronto, supporters of Captain Pete Wilcox and his crew of imprisoned Greenpeace activists are sending a message to Russia today: “Free the Arctic 30.”


We would like to share some Thanksgiving Turkey humour with you.

This Thanksgiving turkey has another idea about the dinner table. ~ Uploaded by Colt28683 on Nov 24, 2010

Gloria Gobbler is back and supremely funny! ~ Uploaded by on Oct 13, 2008



Please return for our next blog where we will share a special message with you and wish you a
‘Happy Thanksgiving Day’


 Which would you choose??? 

The blobfish, the pig-nosed turtle or the proboscis monkey: Which of these is the world’s ugliest animal?


YouTube video, “Blobfish wins ugliest animal vote”, published on Sep 13, 2013 ~ The grumpy-looking, gelatinous blobfish has won a public vote to become the official mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society.

The Ugly Animal Preservation Society has launched campaign to find the ugliest.  Celebrities including Stephen Fry and Simon Pegg have given support.  The project hopes to encourage young people to get involved in conservation projects, and to raise the profile of some of the world’s least cutesy animals, ‘challenging our love-affair with the poster-boys of conservation like the panda and the red squirrel’.
BLOBFISHBLOBFISH No beauty: The blobfish, which inhabits the deep waters off the coasts of the Australia and Tasmania, is one of a list of unusual creatures the Ugly Animal Preservation Society hopes to help save from extinction. The blobfish lives at depths between 600 and 1,200 metres where the pressure is several dozen times higher than at sea level. Its gelatinous appearance aids it buoyancy, as it spends its life gently bobbing around the deep sea. Although they are inedible, the blobfish suffers a significant threat from fishing trawlers, hunting the crabs and lobsters living at the same depth.

AXOLOTLAXOLOTL: This freaky cross between Peter Pan and the Xmen, is endangered because of urbanisation in Mexico City and polluted waters. The best-known of the Mexican neotenic mole salamanders belonging to the Tiger Salamander complex. Larvae of this species fail to undergo metamorphosis, so the adults remain aquatic and gilled. The axolotl is a type of salamander, which remain aquatic for their entire life, and has the amazing ability to regenerate lost limbs. This freaky cross between Peter Pan and the Xmen, is endangered because of urbanisation in Mexico City and polluted waters.

SLUGDROMEDARY JUMPING SLUG: The dromedary jumping slug wriggles its way out of danger, avoiding predators with a quick flick. It’s part of the Aronidae family and lives mainly in the Americas. The dromedary jumping slug wriggles its way out of danger, avoiding predators with a quick flick. It’s part of the Aronidae family and lives mainly in the Americas. Tom Toal (comedian and actor) thinks the slug deserves far more recognition than it currently gets… ‘It’s a slug, with a hump on its back, that can jump! Where’s its Disney movie?? You’ve got the Hunchback of Notre Dame… where’s the dromedary jumping slug and the princess?’

TURTLEPIG-NOSED TURTLE: The most unique feature of the animal is the elongated, pig-like snout, which acts like a snorkel, allowing the turtle to breathe while the rest of the body remains underwater. The pig-nosed turtle is the sole surviving member of an ancient and once widespread family of animals. The most unique feature is the elongated, pig-like snout, which acts like a snorkel, allowing the turtle to breathe while the rest of the body remains underwater (perhaps so it never has to show the world its ugly face?).

EELEuropean eels: Young eels are pictured in a basket at the Rhine river in Woerth Am Rhein, Germany. A favourite cockney snack, the European eel is threatened by overfishing and environmental changes. Its unusual life cycle sees it change colour as it grows, from transparent to yellow to dark grey.

FROGTITICACA WATER FROG: aka the ‘scrotum frog’, which is only found in Lake Titicaca on the border of Peru and Bolivia. The largest truly aquatic frog, the Titicaca water frog is found only in Lake Titicaca in South America. Its Latin name literally translates as “aquatic scrotum” – the multiple folds in its skin enable it to breathe underwater without needing to surface for air. The Titicaca frog, also known as the ‘scrotum frog’, is found on the border of Peru and Bolivia. Locals make a frappe of the frog, which is considered an aphrodisiac, by cooking it and running it through a blender. Comedian Iszi Lawrence highlighted the critter’s inherent comedy value. “Scrotum frog, you heard me right, scrotum frog. Even better than being called scrotum frog, it lives in Lake Titicaca!”

Other entries (non amphibian) were:

British bat, great short-horned lizard, flightless Kakapo parrot, Proboscis monkey and pubic louse.






When a life-altering skiing accident left Greg Mallory’s legs paralyzed, he turned to kayaking to help him escape his wheelchair. Andy Maser and NRS Films presents this wonderful film ‘Walk on Water’ about this man now Class V whitewater paddler. A creation to discover in the article in video.

YouTube video, published on Feb 17, 2013 ~ ” Walk on Water: A Kayaking Film”

Some great insight into this memorable and inspiring man from a Q &A session of National Geographic article – “A skiing accident left Greg Mallory paralyzed. And though he lost the use of his legs, he did not lose his sense of adventure. Greg found new life on the river in kayaking—and the loyal friends who help him do it. He also returned to skiing and has competed in the Paraolympics twice.  Right now Greg is on a two-year road trip from Oregon to Patagonia with a bunch of friends. Their caravan consists of four luxe Sprinter vans with kitchens, queen-size beds, solar powers, outdoor showers, and, of course, kayaks.”

GREG PHOTOI urge you to read Greg Mallory‘s comments in an interview with Ralph Raymond of rollingpix.blogspot.com ~ enlightening!

More Q&A links ~





IMAGEAddicted to bottled water? You can save lots of money a month if you can kick your bottled water habit and start using good, old fashioned tap water. This infographic argues the point that bottled water isn’t any more superior than regular water and that we are all being conned by marketers to buy priced up water.

Don’t like the way your local tap water tastes?

We have answers to the above question ~ a whole house carbon filtration system that leaves you with pure, clean and healthy water for a lifetime ~ watch our video.

Why You Should Stop Drinking Bottled Water



This event comes hot on the heels of Water Canada’s recent article “The Toilet Toll” (July/August 2013), which I posted last week on August 23.

Britain’s biggest-ever “fatberg” has been removed from a London sewer. Thames Water used the term to describe a “bus-sized lump” of festering food fat mixed with wet wipes that formed in drains under London Road in Kingston, Surrey.
YouTube video – 15 tonne blob of fat found in sewer

Gordon Hailwood, waste contracts supervisor for Thames Water, said: “While we’ve removed greater volumes of fat from under central London in the past, we’ve never seen a single, congealed lump of lard this big clogging our sewers before. Given we’ve got the biggest sewers and this is the biggest fatberg we’ve encountered, we reckon it has to be the biggest such berg in British history.”The congealed mass was so big, Hailwood says, it damaged the sewer and repairs will take up to six weeks. The blockage was discovered after residents in nearby flats complained that they couldn’t flush their toilets.

“If we hadn’t discovered it in time, raw sewage could have started spurting out of manholes across the whole of Kingston.”

Thames Water issued a press release explaining the dangers and costs of this kind of buildup, including sewage flooding homes, streets, and businesses. “When it comes to fat and wipes, please remember: ‘Bin it – don’t block it,” he adds.