Changes coming to water bottling permits in Ontario

A decision on how to proceed with water bottling permits is expected by early to mid-December says Ontario’s Environment Minister Jeff Yurek.


On January 1st a moratorium on new and expanded permits to take water for bottling is set to expire. the decision on how to move forward is to be science based, but if no conclusive information is found then it is possible the moratorium will be extended.

Communities, first nations peoples, and businesses are all being consulted, as well as the scientific study.

The moratorium was put in place due to Nestle purchasing a well near Guelph. Concerns were expressed about the effect this would have on the future drinking water supply in the Township of Wellington Centre. Liberals increased the fees for bottlers from $3.71 per million litres of ground water to $503.71 per million litres. Water bottling companies have been able to take millions of litres a day.


A balance between all sides needs to be found..a tricky solution indeed.

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