Lake Ontario Waterkeepers

Lake ontario waterkeeper logo
Lake Ontario Waterkeeper is a Canadian Charity working for a day when every person in our watershed can safely touch the water, when the water is pure enough to drink, , and when the lake is clean and wild enough that you can toss a line in anywhere and pull out a fish.

After the tragedy of Walkerton , a lawyer and a researcher decided that no person should die or get ill  after swimming in , or drinking , or fishing from public waters… and so Lake Ontario Waterkeepers was born. All that is needed is a commitment to clean water,  the right mix of sound environmental policy, transparent and informed decision making, public education , and community building programs.

History of Lake Ontario Waterkeepers:

The Lake Ontario Waterkeeper program includes law , science, culture , and digital media. This includes…

a. Waterkeeper Swim Guide…this is an app and a website that helps you find beaches and check water quality status.

b. Waterkeeper Drink Guide…a smartphone app that shares drinking water advisories from across Canada.

c. The Clean Water Workshop…this workshop mentors university students with a passion for environmental law and watershed protection.For communities facing pollution problems the student volunteers provide much needed legal research and support.

Gordon Downie uncut:

If you don’t have a beach or water app on your smart phone go to and download these apps and enjoy the water in confidence. For instance, by checking the swim app at the time of writing this I know not to go swimming at Petrie Island in Orleans. The water is not good there right now.



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